You might be wondering when is the right time to start reading for your baby. Is he too young to understand the words or will it be too late if you start later?

Here are useful tips on when to start the bedtime story!

Never too early

You are never too early to read for your baby! Ever since your baby is born, all of his senses are already learning to adjust to the world, choosing which information to process first. Choose to read simple stories for your baby and read it close to your baby’s ears. Read for your baby stories with pictures as he gets older (1 year old or older). Interactive reading is important to get your baby involved more instead of remaining a passive reader.

Never too old

Kids are never too old to have stories read for them. As you read the stories, learn to differentiate the voices of different characters and the noises that are described inside it. Help your kids imagine the world inside that book because that helps them learn something new compared to when they read it themselves.

There are many children books that even adults still love to read and if your kids hate to be treated like kids, consider books like Charlotte’s Web and similarly interesting books.

Be consistent

Bedtime story has something to do with the mental development of children especially if done regularly. Turn the bedtime story into a habit that both of you cannot stay away from. It should be a fun time that your kid does not want to miss, yet, undoubtedly teach them new things and develop strong bonds with their parents. No matter how busy you are, don’t let your kid think that your time with him is less important than your work.