For some adults, this question can be so weird and unfounded because of how much they love books. But no kids are born with a love of something. They figure out what they love as they grow up and interact with more things, but books whether you like them or not, are vital in learning. Reading increases knowledge and it starts with loving books.

Don’t tell them what to love

It is absolutely wrong to tell people what they should love, especially your kids. Don’t make them feel obligated to do so because not everybody loves to spend hours indoor reading stacks of papers filled with only words! Your kid will one day find out what he loves to do and it probably won’t be reading. Your job now is only to make it enjoyable, so learning won’t be such a pain in the future.

Read to bed

As early as possible, start reading for your kids when they are young. Even if they haven’t learned how to read, use books that are picture-oriented, but contain simple, big words. Help them learn these words and encourage them to read, even if what comes out are incoherent, excited screams and babblings.

Most importantly about this is that you should not stop reading them to bed. It’s better to stop later than early because reading with your kids also strengthen your relationship with them.

Always get them new interesting books

Those books don’t have to be literature heavy and you don’t necessarily need to purchase the whole set of Harry Potter if you haven’t already. If your kid seems to be interested in spaceships, buy books that contain stories about space. Kids tend to love pictures more than anything when reading, so make sure those books have vibrant illustrations.