Don’t know what book to read your kid to sleep tonight? Kids today do not know the great stories we grew up with and aren’t we just sad to see that. Here are some recommendations to get for your kids to make sure they have the best childhood as we did!

Charlotte’s web

The book and the movie are both famous, teaching kids and adults similar to the value of friendship and how you can find one in the most unlikely creature, the spider, Charlotte. It is a great story that does not just entertain the kids with talking animals but also teaches moral values, yet be realistic about it as Charlotte dies. It’s really a great story that is worth telling to kids and grows up with.

The Hobbit

Yes, it is a children’s fantasy novel that is mostly loved by adults today. It is terrible to see kids do not know how golden the series is. There are many versions printed, such as the ones with simplified texts and illustrated pictures. The series teaches friendship, and how a timid hobbit walks out of his shell and venture to the world unknown.

The Little Prince

This is another great children literature or should we say, the one of the greatest ever. Written by Saint-Exupéry who was escaping to North America as the Second World War breaks, it takes the first-person narration as a little boy travel through the world and learns moral values about life.

The Lion, The Witch,and The Wardrobe

This is another book that managed to be made into a movie series, Narnia. The book tells the stories of children who found a whole new world lies beyond a wardrobe and became the kings and queens of the country of Narnia.