Best Children’s Books About Going to the Dentiston

Parents trying to find a dentist for themselves or their children discover that it is already a complicated process on its own. That’s because going to the dentist is a dreadful trip most adults often admit to not wanting to do. That fear amplifies for children since it also something the majority worry about. More so when it pertains to their first ever visit. For parents concerned about their children’s oral health, this can be a problem. Trying to convince kids that all will be well is an uphill battle.

But thanks to children’s book dealing with this issue, help is available. There are many excellent books about going to see a tooth doctor. Some explain the experience they may go through using animated drawings of famous and beloved characters. Any of them can prove to be helpful when dealing with your child’s oral issues and first trip to the dentist.

The Crocodile & the Dentist – Using colorful animated images and a great story, this children’s book is fantastic. It helps explain the experience a crocodile has of going to a dentist in a humorous way.

Just going to the dentist – A must read book when it comes to helping parents deal with the issue of visiting a tooth doctor. Children will love how a character named Little Critter sees a dentist. His bravery will give hope and strength to kids facing this issue.

My Dentist, My Friend – The title of this book alone is enough to help defeat the fear of a tooth doctor. In addition, this remarkable book aids kids with the entire process. The complete dental visit is explained from the waiting room to the dentist’s chair.

Dora Goes to the Doctor/Dora Goes to the Dentist – Most kids recognize Dora the Explorer since she is a favorite children’s character. That helps make this book even more exciting and fun for them. Dora prepares them on what to expect and look forward to. Yet the issues of cavities are explained briefly.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist – Wonderful book for preschoolers who need a tooth removed or a visit to a dentist explained. Adorable bears help one another in an engaging story dealing with a dental visit and its process.

What to Expect When You Go to the Dentist – This book is an ideal way to explain to kids what cavities are all about. The process is covered very thoroughly in an amusing animated way. All done in a manner that’s easy and entertaining for kids to follow.

Doctor De Soto – Kids have been reading this book for years since it was first published back in 1982. In the story, there’s a fox who has a toothache to deal with. The mouse dentist helps him with his tooth issue.

ABC Dentist – Parents will find this book to be helpful in several ways. The author uses each letter of the Alphabet to help kids understand what a dentist visit is all about. Along with each letter, there is a brief description of teeth related situations.

Off We Go to the Dentist – This author had a son who needed to visit a dentist. She used that experience to tell an illustrated fun story. The book is also great for kids who have special needs. And those where English is a second language for them.